Tanya's birthday

Bank Holiday Monday. And nice weather too.   

Jade doing a tense interview for a University position today, for a St Andrews university. She had to give a lecture first thing, and then do an interview. By the afternoon they offered her the job -- a tremendous achievement. She has shown enormous resilience, and as far as I can tell as a philosophical plains dweller, absolutely deserves it. 

Meanwhile Lorraine and I cabbed over to Catherine and Tanya's house, where we also met up with Guy and Tim and had a bit of bubbly to celebrate Tanya's birthday. From there we sauntered down into Town to a restaurant called The Flint House, where we had more bubbles and tapas-style food. Loved talking to everyone again, and I sat opposite Catherine, always a conversational treat. After we went to the Brass Monkey ice cream parlour where we all had a dessert. I had scoops of hokey pokey, a honeycomb ice and a ginger ice cream. Both delicious. Fond farewells with everyone. Lorraine finding talking to Tim particularly useful about the idea of retirement. Caught the bus home too, which we had not done for a long time. 

I am out of the habit of seeing people so forgot to take any snaps of them, but was so amazed we were on a bus again, again I took a snap...