Soft rain by the sea

Untroubled by triskaidekaphobia, I sprant up with Lorraine and sent off my latest story Doctor Spotlight more in hope than expectation to Black Static Magazine, and sent three stories off to Krishnan at Neon. Then I walked down to the seafront to have a walk and a talk with Innis. However, despite setting off in good time, I simply walked to the coast too far towards Hove so was a little late. Good to see Innis however, and shoot the breeze in the soft but drenching rain, with a very smartly behaved Pippi in tow. He is fine, and gradually processing his pal Grol's death a few months ago. We walked back to Innis and Rosie's place and then I simply walked home again, latterly in sunshine, while chatting to Anton. By the time I reached home, I already walked almost 15k paces, which was rather good. 

Then working on my French brief about animal health this afternoon, feeling weary and not firing on all cylinders. 

Spoke to Mum for a bit, and later in the evening Toby, who was extolling the virtues of a rowing machine, and a lady called Clare who Romy and Toby watch on YouTube, and are leading them onto levels of Spartan fitness.

L chatting to Maureen and Beth tonight, and we ate pizza this evening, and watched Star Trek and a Masterchef episode, before what was an early night.