Schrödinger's testicle

A fairly busy day today, did some final bits on Doctor Spotlight first thing, then spoke to Robin for an hour and a half about the podcast and did a wee bit of recording. Also received a call from Val with some more work for me, which was very welcome indeed.

A short walk at lunchtime, then to work this afternoon on an animal health brief for Val, till it was dinner time. Lorraine late again, having had four nights with teachers who were doing parent's evening by phone.

Spoke to Mum who told me about having lost her purse, and having to cancel all her cards. She retraced her steps and went to Iceland, and spoke to the security guard. It had been found there, with everything in it. She gave him a cheeky fiver as a thanks.

Among the mammoths etc. in the freezer, were some frozen curries that Lorraine had made. We ate these tonight.

This evening I went to get my testicle looked at by a doctor. Walked down Beaky Villas noticing a reddish planet. I used my phone app to confirm it was Mars. Into the surgery at 7:45pm I had what I was beginning to think of for reasons best known to myself as Schrödinger's Testicle, and was thoroughly examined by a tall masked gentleman near London Road. I was told there was epididymis, an infection, and no lumps. What I had thought was a lump a few days ago, was not. Relieved to hear this, as I had obviously gone to the most catastrophic diagnosis right away. Stomped home cheerfully, and called Lorraine, and Anton, who said I should milk it, and seek lots of attention. Home, and a celebratory can of beer.