Mum's a poet too

Very pleased to see that Lorraine working from home today, and getting some much needed rest by working in bed this morning. I am feeling perkier today than of late, and even walked around the park a little bit, on the way to buy L emergency chocolate.

Otherwise I pushed on with my latest horror story, which is called Diabolus in Musica and features the devil's tritone, a slightly ominous dissonant combination of musical notes which has been traditionally associated with the devil. I also did some editing on the third episode of our podcast Planet Poetry

My accountant, proved to be an unexpected source of cheeriness having this year managed to get my tax bill down to something mild mannered after a couple of years of tax torpedoes. Good news. 

Mum sent me some poems she had written in response to an early poem called Always True I had written a long time ago about Guernsey. The second came with the painting she did of the waterlines.  She had forgotten she had in her words 'tried her hand at poetry' till she came across them in an old journal.

Mum's lovely Guernsey poems... And the painting she did of the water lanes leading up to the wishing pool.