New phone and nothing much

A quiet weekend, both Lorraine and I were both feeling a bit washed out, and a bit sore throaty, Lorraine coughing a little too. Because Lorraine has to be careful, she took a test on Saturday, which came back on Sunday as negative. Nice to know, and both feeling perkier as the weekend wore on. A nothing sort of bug, which under normal circumstances would have come and gone without a second thought. 

In other news I got a new phone, the basic iPhone SE. It is the same size as the one I had before. As the foreseeable future is lean, and not involving commuting, I can't see much point in paying for an up-to-date model. Lorraine found me a much better deal, and I called my provider EE who matched it, thus halving my monthly bill. We halved the BT bill recently too by the same method. Amazing how these utilities will sneak up their prices, so that you end up paying them a small fortune. 

Received the phone in the very next day. The phone set up, took ages as the new phone had to update its iOS before receiving stuff from the old phone. I did some work for my French clients. Lashing horizontal rain and high winds for a bit, Lorraine and I looking out the front window and the spray coming off a car across the road looked as if it were driving on the motorway.