Lockdown 2

Lorraine working at home this morning, although of course everyone else being told to run for the bunkers does not apply to teachers so back to work as normal come 11:30.

So the first day of what they are calling the second lockdown (a watery seeming lockdown to me) was a writerly day for me. I thanked David the editor of Supernatural Tales for the acceptance of  The Grieving and resent a version with fewer typos. Also finished another edit of my latest story, called Doctor Spotlight. In the afternoon uploaded the second Planet Poetry episode, and did a bit of social media trumpeting. The bit I like most is seeing it slide into the podcast on my iPhone just like the ones I listen to. 

My walk transformed by the fact that the golf course now has no golfers again, so all the glorious space up there is free to saunter around in and absent of eighteen hole troublers -- and there were lots of people doing so. Gorgeous. Made the mistake of walking near two schools at chuck out time. Dozens of the little  kamikaze zooming towards you with absolutely no idea of distancing. Managed to not get boxed in. Timing is everything.

Email with Catherine, whose birthday I'd missed by a day. She has just published a new book for people with huge brains.  The first line of her blurb made me laugh, as it was so her: 'Are you stuck in your PhD? Is progress imperceptible to the naked eye?' I said to Catherine we'd have to celebrate the Pope (Catherine's surname) and Jesus next month.

Lorraine home, becaus. Made an excellent chicken stew, full of leeks and Kenny farm potatoes, 

The incredulous eyes of the world, and a several of the Kenny eyes, were focused on events in the US. It looks like Biden is set to edge it, and Trump of course is monstrously fanning flames to incite his gun-toting supporters in a dangerously charged country, by falsely claiming falsely that the vote is rigged and so on.  It is a sign of how much he has defiled expectations that this comes as no surprise to anyone. The US is in a parlous state.  

Below, snaps from my wander. Berries are great.