A sorry state

Lorraine back to school, feeling a good deal perkier. I made progress with my new story, and Robin uploaded the latest episode of Planet Poetry.  This episode has two interviews by Robin in it, the next one will have two interviews by me. After that, it we will try to keep to our policy of mixing interviews, as having different voices helps a lot.

A stroll around the park, as I am still a bit underpowered. I popped into the pharmacy to pick up some ibuprofen. Woman behind the counter: 200? me: That seems rather a lot, woman: 200mg. Then I bought some bread. I have got to the stage now when these constitute events worth blogging about. A sorry state of affairs.

Lorraine said I should look at the newish moon tonight, and it was up in the sky very close to Saturn and Jupiter, all clustered together in Capricorn.