A cheeky migraine to round things off

Lorraine up and soldiering off to work, still feeling a bit unwell and having to teach all day. I did work for my French client till about 4.00pm, then had a cheeky migraine to round things off. The shapes were beautiful as always in the twenty minutes or so of spangles, and full of panes of sky blue and tan, the colours on the last concept I was putting together. Slept for half an hour, then felt a little better. These days my migraines are all spangles and exhaustion, but no pain. I'll take that any day.

Lorraine early, having got through the day. A plated up roast from yesterday. Began watching a series on Netflix called Love, which Innis had recommended. 

Chatted to Anton during the day, who had a flood in the heavy rain over the weekend. 

Another C-19 vaccine with great results announced from Moderna, another company I have done a wee bit of work for, although what it was has been lost in the mists of time. Also heard from experts saying anything approaching normal life is many months away. Early to bed.