Building Stories

Slogging away at the business idea, at lunchtime sloped off to look at my old house in the Twitten, which is now awaiting its new tenants arriving in a couple of weeks. After a look around the place, ate a sandwich and worked in my study for a bit for old time's sake. The desk I use now is much better.

Home and Lorraine arrived early afternoon. In the evening I began looking at Chris Ware's Building Stories, which Bob had got me for Christmas. Absolutely beautiful box containing dozens of different format graphic stories, from simple fold over strips of paper, to hardback books, all with aspects of the larger story about the lives of people living in the same building in Chicago. You read the elements in whatever order you find them. Love it.

Off this evening with Dawn and Lorraine to the Duke of York's see The Sessions, which we all enjoyed. It dealt with the subject of a paralysed man being visited by a sexual surrogate, a warm-hearted, beautifully-acted little gem about love.

Below the box cover of the Building Stories which in real life is 43 x 29.5cm.