The two line crew

After a feverish night, I finally tested positive for covid this morning. Pleased to actually have the confirmation that I wasn't imagining it. Lorraine a bit brighter today, and actually popped out to the garden for a while talking to the neighbour over the hedge. I attempted to do some stuff on my laptop, but the grey matter not working with any alacrity.

Jade back to Scotland early this morning.

FaceTime with Mum this morning, who is now able to smile again after her front tooth was mended. I  emailed Robin, and put a post about Lorraine and I having covid on Facebook. Toby and Anton both called too. 

Read a couple of short horror stories by Ramsey Campbell and watched a bit of TV. Lorraine and I looking after one another today, and Sam helpfully scoring us paracetamol and sparkling water for me.

Below: the obligatory lateral flow shot.