Lorraine's birthday

Having covid on her sixtieth birthday, wasn't ideal. All plans dashed. But we were able to laugh in bed this morning this would at least be memorable. We got up and showered and wore proper clothes. Still Lorraine had lots of lovely presents, and cards and calls and messages including Pat and Maureen singing happy birthday down the phone. I spoke to Kate and Ian as Lorraine was in the back garden. Beth had scampered through the house to sit in the back garden with Lorraine for a bit. Sam collected a curry for us later. 

Adele also called around, dropping off a surprise pressie for Lorraine, and we had a distanced conversation.  

Dawn called, saying that she and Paul had a near death experience on holiday yesterday, capsizing a canoe in a strong current in a loch. Both where shaken and extremely cold. They had to let the canoe go, and they managed to make the shore, where some angelic drivers gave them a lift into warmth and safety.

The day was fine. Although I probably felt iller today than at any point. We will compensate for this day at some point.

Below Lorraine opening presents things. Strategically placed box of tissues.