An afternoon in town

Improving from whatever was ailing me. Off into town with Lorraine who had to go to Specsavers. Her visit there lasted well over an hour, giving me time to do a bit of window shopping in the lanes for an hour or so. 

Returning to see what was keeping her, I simply walked past the shop, should have gone to Specsavers, I thought having been brainwashed by the advert. After a bit we found ourselves outside the studenty pub the East Street Tap, which is just around the corner from Chalk and simply went in for a glass of cider. I'd not set foot in there for over two years. Loud music and tables and chairs like those of a cheap factory canteen. But still not without charm. The in the gents the urinals are made from metal kegs, with the name of the old beer Courage stamped on them. A message there about what beer turns into. Also some graffiti: Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce. I don't remember having seen graffiti about royalty before, and never so accurate. 

We were hungry, but every restaurant really busy. We ended up in Tonkotsu Ramen bar on New Road. Fun to eat out somewhere we had not been, but we were a bit underwhelmed with our noodles, and the gyoza were a bit meh too. Fun to be out though.

Then home, and watched some series about how Star Trek got made. Seems Gene Roddenberry was a complete pain in the neck according to the writers of the films. He would secretly rewrite the scripts for example, which reminded me of my experience of writing for a certain charity. After that watched the dismaying sight of Chelsea being absolutely spanked by Brentford 1-4 at Stamford Bridge. At least I like Brentford.