A smidge of work done grumpily

Did some freelance this morning for the first time in a while. However the agency was only able to provide part of the information, so I was only able to do part of the job. I should be grateful and positive about getting the work, but unfortunately my patience is thin at the moment. I went for a short walk in Baker's Park. It felt brilliant to be out again. Did some of my own writing in the afternoon. 

In the evening Lorraine and I went to the storage unit to store boxes prior to the photographer arriving tomorrow. Sam chatting with Catherine today, she is helping him understand options for neurodiverse people working in programming. She is a diamond. I had a good chat with Sam before he went out  tonight to see a friend's band.

In the evening watched the online launch of Channel Magazine, which has me burbling a couple of my poems around Chris Powici an old pal of mine from Chiswick's Wooden Lambs reading at around 21:34. I sombrely burble some poems at around the 56 minute mark -- about the hill fort and the Sahel. Sombre because I think I uploaded this a day or so before I came down with the lurgy, and wasn't full of my natural magnetism and ebullience.