Overexcited in Seaford

The gradual improvement continues. Smell and taste still patchy and a bit of a cough. 

Off this morning to sunny Seaford. We saw two properties, the second was a bungalow with a nice sunny garden, spacious and roomy inside. But the area, full of bungalows, gave us the creeps. 

The first property was one we both instantly smitten with. A gorgeous house with an immense and beautiful garden. This made us highly over-excitable and jittery with possibilities. Sat by the sea and had a coffee and sat in the sun, with bold crows pecking around and tried to retain a shred of common sense.

Home and mooched about for a bit. I was determined to break 10k paces for the first time in weeks, and so mooched up to the Hillfort for the first time in ages. Lovely stuff. Then home to prep some food. In the evening Lorraine and I watched the Joker movie, which was grim and depressing, but quite stylish too. 

Below Seaford head, with some blokes fishing, and a bit of the path on top of the hill fort wall, and a view towards the sea from the golf course.