Peas with pals

Up and we walked down to Catherine and Tanya's place on Muesli Mountain where we met them, and Guy and Tim and drank a bit of bubbly. Really good to see everyone, and it feels like the turning of a page somehow from winter into spring. Turns out that Catherine and Tanya are thinking of moving soon too, but only a couple of streets away. 

Then we all walked down to Ship Street for lunch. Had a good catch up with Catherine, before we had reached  Petit Pois, a lovely cafe restaurant with a French owner. Really good food, and very reasonably priced too. I was sitting opposite Tim, and we had the best conversation we'd ever had about memory and myth and childhood and so on. From there off to the usual ice cream place where we sat outside licking lovely ice cream. Guy is such a natural story teller. He can talk about something as trivial as a dream he had last night and make it completely compelling. 

Fond farewells with everyone -- I didn't talk to Tanya due to where we were all sitting, as much as I would have liked. All good though. A lovely interlude.

Home and a spot of football on TV, and Sam and Jade arrived home Leeds in the evening. Lovely to see Jade.