Off to Ashford

Up fairly early this morning. Could hear Jade coughing in bed. Lorraine drove us and Beth off to Ashford today to see Pat and Maureen. Had to be rerouted due to the enormous tailback of lorries caused by complications due to Brexit, the PO shipping crisis, etc. etc. We went off to a garden centre for lunch, I had a nice baked potato. We all bought some pot plants, for when viewers come round to look at our place. Both on good form, and keen to learn more about our plans to move house.  

One of Pat and Maureen's neighbour pals dropped in, a nice woman called Janet Pooley that Lorraine has known all her life. Her son now lives in Kingsbury.

On the way back heard that Jade had taken a covid test and has this time tested positive. We hadn't seen her this morning, and she is now isolating in Sam's room. I am hoping now, selfishly enough, that Lorraine and I don't get it too and have our Easter disrupted too. Bloody covid is a pain. And I feel sorry for Jade who just wanted to have a break and spend time with Sam. 

Beth was going to stay overnight but ended up going home instead. We had a curry however, and Sam took her one up to bed.