Lots going on

Off this morning to see Stacy and get my hair cut. A new person working there now, in the side room, a woman who was cutting the hair of a lustily screaming child. Women standing about behind Stacy's chair chair gossiping as if they owned the place. A far cry from the brand of stilted masculine chitchat that is the norm there. Some eye rolling going on among the more established barbers. All quite funny. 

A little bit of writing, and recorded a video of myself reading Snow on the Hillfort, and Sahel Sunset, for the Irish magazine, Channel for the launch its sixth issue. Took me a while to remember how to make a video, but it went okay.

Home and a spot of jet washing the decking and Lorraine and I doing bits of gardening. The vets phoning with the results of Calliope's blood test, she has hyperthyroidism. Difficult even contemplating life without my furry little daemon. Luckily, there are treatments but they are expensive. 

Spoke to Mum who said she had been a bit depressed. Lorraine feeling a bit under the weather this evening. Not seen Jade for days, although she has been coughing nastily in isolation. Sam looking after her. Lorraine and I both tested for covid again today, but both are clear. 

Off in the evening, to meet Anton in the garden of the Batty. From here sauntered through town, stopping at a tiny burger joint called Burger Brothers -- little more than a hole in the wall really on North Road, which of course Anton knew about -- with seating for half a dozen or so, decorated with tiles and framed pictures of burgers. Absolutely delicious burger there. Then we sauntered off to the Earth and Stars for a couple of absolutely bloody finals. Anton working like a slave at the moment, and doing what had previously been many people's jobs. Miserable stuff. 

Below on the way to meet Anton, I found this pair of pigeon wings laid on the floor. Weird. A burger portrait, and the view of The Great Eastern, from outside we were just passing but looked inviting.