Spangling and tinkering

Woke up to migraine aura spangles again. Little pain, but draining. A galling waste of a Lorraine at home day. A bit better in the afternoon. Lorraine and I went out into the back garden to assess things. I did a bit of copy for Germans, and tinkered surprisingly-productively with a poem. Had a nice chat with Toby this evening. He may zoom over again this year.  Also an actual letter from Richard dropping through the door was a pleasant novelty. Great to hear from him. 

Despite my feeling the Russians weren't going to invade Ukraine, it seems they will. The news certainly not much succour in these times. Lorraine and I watched a film called The Lost Daughter, starring among others Olivia Colman. A lovely, beautifully acted and subtle film set in Greece. Want to hear the cicada again.