A cormorant's uncooperative lunch

Up slowly to a large and tasty breakfast this morning. Innis and Rosie went off for a long walk, and Lorraine and I mooched happily about the town of Lymington, which had rather excellent shops. So excellent, in fact, that we bought an airplant in a glass bowl with arty decorations, and Lorraine discovered some nice clothes in a sale at Seasalt.

We sat down on the waterfront for a while. Lots of boats with their wires chinking. I love that sound. Saw a cormorant eat what at the time I thought was an eel (but now think is a pipefish) which is something you don't see every day. The pipefish, taking umbrage at being eaten, wriggled about a great deal and the whole business took a couple of minutes. After this excitement, Lorraine shepherded me into a shop called Blueberry, where despite the irritations of world's most talkative salesperson (people have worn that shirt on TV! etc.) I bought a really nice pale blue patterned shirt. 

Home, and a cheeky nap, while Lorraine played Star Dew Valley. This followed by a cheery evening. Innis and I went to buy food and drink from Waitrose nearby, befriending a nice woman who worked there and got us a discount, and came home and ate pizza and lots of snacks and drank pleasant beers. We repaired to a room in the little garden, which was an excellent space, and played a game called Articulate. Rosie and I were teamed up and unexpectedly stormed to victory.