Jade had to be off early this morning, so we all got up and Lorraine drove her to the station. Lovely to see her again, albeit briefly.

Once up, I wrote for a while. I am really pleased that a poem that I have never been able to make work despite it having some excellent lines, now suddenly works really well.

Spoke to Mum who is bored and frustrated at trying to get ear pieces for Mason's deafness that don't fall out of his ears. 

Later Lorraine and I took a bookcase and some boxes to storage. Amazing how much time there is during the weekend when you spring out of bed early. We managed to set off the alarms in the storage place. There are loads of cameras inside, and somewhere someone turned it off.

I went for a walk this afternoon to my usual haunts. Lorraine had some preparation to do for school tomorrow. I roasted a chicken tonight, and lapped at some really nice wine. I really enjoyed staying in tonight.

Below the sun shining on daffodils.