Pearly light

Up early. Lorraine back to school, and me to my desk where I immediately wrote a new, and fairly complete poem straight off the bat, which was a great way to start the week. Also making notes of various stuff I am reading from The Memory Illusion, by Dr Julia Shaw to poking my toe back into David Hume's A Treaties of Human Nature for the first time in over 40 years. 

Long chats with Mum, arranging to pop up at the end of the week, and Anton who had spent a happy weekend in a frenzy of game playing and pub visiting with his pal Dan. 

A nice walk this afternoon in Pearly light, where I snapped a few snaps, and then failed in my attempt to buy kidney beans. Another Brexit shortage?  Cooked, a veggie chilli with mixed beans and fed it to Sam and Lorraine when she came back from her exercise session.

Below someone walking on the hillfort wall, high above a pearly Brighton, a view of moss on a tree, featuring what google suggests is a cream spot ladybird, and a hillside path through trees behind the fort, and another threading through the rags and tatters of woodland by the golf course.





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