A saunter in the sun, and another bit of Bull

We got up early, and took it fairly easy. Lorraine and I went for a walk along the seafront looking at a few hardy souls plunging in. Our original plan was Lorraine had been due to get a massage and I was going to saunter by the sea, but the woman who was going to give it was sitting in A&E, having been taken ill this morning. We enjoyed our walk together, and bought hot chocolate and coffee from the meeting place cafe.  

Take two this evening: off with Sam and Jade to see Betty's play. We met James, and his mum Julie and her partner Eric there. First time Lorraine and I had met Eric. A cheery evening, despite feeling heart-sinky about sitting through the Crap play again. Jade laughing into her jumper at one point when there was a bit of wild dancing was plonked into the play. We all enjoyed Bull, however. I preferred it tonight, and Beth was excellent again. A good cast, and a simply structured play that worked neatly. Beth pleased after with how it had all gone. 

Everyone warm enough tonight. Fond farewells with Julie and Eric, and Beth and James, and we walked back to the car and the comforts of Match of the Day.

Everything now set against the backdrop of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. A ghastly business. 

Below a few snaps on the seafront.