Two jumpers day

Crawled out of bed this morning, feeling about 70% better. Autumn in the air when I kissed Lorraine goodbye at the door, a two jumper day at my desk. One of those days that should have been easy, but ended up becoming heavy going. Keith kept saying he was not on top form, and we ground to a halt after about seven hours. He texted me later saying he was exhausted. A full moon tonight, and maybe it is just some Welsh werewolf business. I hope he recovers otherwise the next few days will be tricky for me. Working on concepts for a new heart pill. 

We did have a laugh thinking about the concepts you would present if you wanted to never work in the industry again. Keith spent some a few minutes putting the name of the pharma brand into Lord of the Rings or graffiti fonts, while I proposed an appalling blackface execution.

Two short walks around the block, which felt okay, but I was drained after work. Chatted with Mum, then a bit of podcast admin setting up an interview with a US poet from New Orleans to be done on Saturday, and made a simple dinner for Sam, who was gaming with friends, and Lorraine, who had been to the personal trainer, and we flung ourselves onto the gold sofa, watched the latest episode of Vigil, which is  set on a submarine and fully exploited the nightmarish, claustrophobic possibilities of this. Our heroine being clumped on the head, and coming-to in a flooding torpedo tube. I would be screaming.

A copy of Richard Skinner's stylish 14 magazine came through the door tonight, having obviously been posted to another house. My Kawasaki poem in it. Nice to see it, and to know a few of the other contributors personally.