Mum and Mas

Up to that London today, to see Mum and Mas. Pouring with rain first thing in Brighton. Remembered my old ninja travelling ways and travelled faux first to the smoke. North London looking a bit grey and soulless from the Mill Hill train.   Jumped on a bus there, however, and was soon at Mum and Mason's house. Was the first time I had worn my new waterproof I bought in Monmouth and it worked a treat. 

Once at Mum's soon off in the car driving through large puddles to the Waggon & Horses for a lunchtime bite and a couple of drinks. The staff are very sweet and friendly to Mum and Mas there, packaging up Mason's monster omelette to take away afterwards, he having eaten only half. Had a nice time chatting with them over a beer, which this time was mercifully cold. Mas talking about having known Elizabeth Taylor when he was at school. Home again, and Mum and I looked at some old photos before she walked with me a little way back towards Mill Hill. 

She was talking about her unusual blood type. I have never learnt what my blood type is. I wonder if there is a way of going about it, other than getting involved in a grizzly accident.

Managed to get easy trains home, despite the last one being crowded. 

Home to Lorraine having made kedgeree, which was surprisingly delicious. A relaxed evening at home.

Two snaps of snaps here's a really nice shot of Mum as a teenager.