A bit of spontaneity

Sam off today with Beth and James to see Glenice, Lorraine and I had a spontaneous kind of day. A spot of writing, as Lorraine ran her Star Dew Valley farm, then we wandered into town in the afternoon where I bought, after trying lots of shoes that didn't spark joy, a pair of winter shoes, from Schuh. A nice young guy helping us, I tried on a pair of Doc Martens, but it reminded me of kind of people who used to wear them in the 70s. I bought a clean, simple pair of brown shoes at a decent price. Picked up a pair of Sam's expensive boots from a cobbler at the bottom of the Laines, which were as good as new.   

Lorraine and I made our way down to the Bottom's Rest and had a beer there, and were joined by Innis and Rosie, and we had some food. A cheery interlude of much chat. On the way home we were waiting for a bus (but ended up catching a taxi) Lorraine had been absentmindedly stroking my arm. A man appeared and asked how long we had been married, and said it was lovely to see. We both thought he was going to ask for cash, but he'd come over just to be nice.

Arriving home, I actually wanted to watch 18 year old Emma Raducanu's tennis match on TV. She had come from nowhere to be playing Leylah Fernandez, who has just turned 19 and had also caught fire in in NY. An excellent game with Raducanu just shading it. Blah blah about the first British win in Ladies grand slam competitions, since Virginia Wade in the seventies. You had to admire the poise of these two girls. 

20 years since 9/11. I remember watching the events at my old agency, as I worked a few yards from the TV department, where TVs were constantly on. Sat watching with a shocked Craig as the second plane went in. I remember us talking about how the US would make someone pay for this. Sad how Craig is no longer with us. Lovely man.  

Below a lovely shot by Innis of Lorraine and Rosie.