Back among bunnies

Happy Monday. Mercifully another week to regroup, feeling hollow and wrung out. But I got up with Lorraine, off to school with live kids in today, and got to work on poems and had a pretty great first few hours. Whipped a start of a poem into a near finished unrhymed sonnet, and began work on another in similar form. They belong to the difficult honesty category.  Also did some work for the planet poetry website.

After careful thought, I have decided to go back to the gym. I figure that there are many threats to the health of an old geezer like me, and the 'rona is just one of them. I need to keep fit. Also I was sent a photo by SJB of myself last week, looking like a Jabba the Hut, and it shook me to the core. Crept in trepidatiously, already changed, and hefted up onto a cross trainer for half an hour on a low setting, and then mucked about with some weights on low weights for a bit. Slunk out again, between all the springy gym bunnies.