Revelling in bone idleness today. Lorraine and I simply had a sofa day. I sat with Lorraine and she showed me her game in great detail today. It is very involved and absorbing, and I can see why she loves it, essentially she is running an ever expanding farm with all kinds of livestock and crops, and produce. Every day fruit must be picked, eggs collected, ducks loved, outhouses to be built, ponds to be stocked (she has an anchovy pond, which is a new one) visits to the local village for supplies, and so on its like a full time virtual business. 

Beth's car wouldn't start today, so lots of advice sought from Lorraine. 

I did a bit of dozing, and read a couple of horror inflected stories by Daphne Du Maurier, Don't Look Now, and Not After Midnight, both excellently done. Can't help remembering my grandmother smoking Du Maurier cigs though. There was a huge house in Hampstead the Du Maurier family lived in, and I think that may have been why she thought them stylish.

A chat with Mum, I am going to slip up there on Tuesday.

Here's a picture of Calliope sleeping as we idled the day away.