Interviewing again

Happy to have a nice relaxed breakfast with Lorraine, and agreed to a de-frazzling day. Lorraine playing Star Dew Valley happily for much of the day. I prepped and conducted a podcast interview with a promising young poet, Ashanti Anderson from New Orleans, which we did at 4pm. I really enjoyed chatting to her -- her work has some extraordinary conceptual set-ups, such as words running though the mind of someone who has just been decapitated. Extraordinary. 

Felt good to be interviewing again, and meeting someone under other circumstances I would have never have spoken to.

Lorraine and I had a cheeky walk around Blaker's Park afterwards, and she made one of her exceptional fish pies. All well. Watched another episode of The Man in the High Castle, which is tense but good.

Otherwise, not huge amounts to report. Enjoying more of the Bob Mortimer book, And Away. Plus Alireza Abiz's poetry collection.

Getting Saturday emails from people in the US about the job I am not going to be doing. Gah.