Ends in a beer

In the night I had woken up at two and eventually got up and wrote, finally drifting off to sleep again at about five. Otherwise, a unpleasant day, not helped by Keith flying into paroxysms of rage. I worry about him sometimes. It all ending with a two hour presentation to the US last thing. Our work, however, was well received, so all's well that ends well.   

Once the blowharding was done, the day improved drastically. I went to the Park View with Sam, and sat with him having a nice chat about things from fruity beers to species of logic systems. He is very good company. Ended up having a bite before I left Sam to  it while I sat with Lorraine and watched some Frasiers.  

Alireza Abiz sent me his collection, with a kind inscription to me. I hope to interview him again soon about his own work this time.