Apple pie Sunday

A Sunday. Lorraine playing Star Dew Valley, I did some podcast editing and worked a little on a new poem, and read bits. Beth called around this afternoon, to hang out for a while before going off to London to see Shag Married Annoyed, a show that started with a podcast. Betty's new home buying seems to be progressing well. 

Up to the hill fort this afternoon, listening to Bob Mortimer read his touching and funny book on my iPhone. Then home to collect Lorraine for another short stroll. Due to fuel supply chain problems, caused by Brexit, people have been panic buying petrol. Teachers are struggling to get into school tomorrow, and Lorraine will have to pick up one of them en route tomorrow. Luckily she filled her tank last week.

Phoned Mum and Mas who had both their Covid booster and flu jabs yesterday. An hour before I called Mum had made Mas take his daily short constitutional, but his legs buckled and kindly neighbours a couple of doors down had to help him back. We went through a few procedures recommended by Lorraine to see that he had not a blood clot, but he seems okay. Put it down to yesterday's shots. I spoke to him on the iPad and he said his arm was painful where he had been jabbed. So he is having a bit of a reaction. He seemed bright enough though despite his adventure. 

Multiple emails coming through about job starting tomorrow for new client. Always a bit tricky working with a new client, new art director and so on, and the meetings timings make no sense. Working on endless pitches is draining: the necessity to produce multiple concepts, pressurised deadlines and so on. But when it comes to agency work, it is what I am best at.

This evening Lorraine made me a lovely apple pie. I don't know why I love apple pie so much, but I do. Sat in the kitchen with her, as she baked, and I peeled cooking apples, listening to music and drinking white wine. Happy interlude.  

Watched Frasier all night, and I sipped a dark and stormy as a way of staving off tomorrow. 

Here is some gorse in glowing black and white.