Thunder and beermonsters

Most of today taken up with the podcast one way or another. Up early prepping for my interview with Rishi Dastidar. When I worked in Hammersmith, he actually worked in the same agency as me but a few years afterwards. A long chat with him, lasting over an hour, and another half hour after we finished recording. Nice to get to know him a little. In the afternoon, more recording with Robin, proceeded by some hasty more hasty research. All fine, and good to chat to Robin.

In the evening, off to the Batty, the new home of the Beermonsters. About five minutes into my walk, a big spots of rain pinged off the area of concern. I walked on gradually getting wet. The monsters already in the Batty when I arrived, and soon after, just as when we all last met, it began thundering. Nice to see these gents. Richard with two pieces of interesting news, that he watched a youtube video about huntergatherers in Africa, who were asked about three things that made them happy. The answer was meat, and then the person in the video began detailing all the kinds of meat that were good, including baboons. The other two things were honey and water. Much laughter about this. Steve wondered what would have happened if they had asked Mrs Huntergather what she felt. Probably the same things, then we began to think what might happen if Mr Huntergatherer hadn't made much of an effort, and being accused of buying this baboon from a petrol station. Also an interesting discussion about opium manufacture, with Nick beermonster showing quite a grasp of the subject. 

Home in a sherbet dab, as it was raining with enthusiasm. At least it kept my top hat, which was by now somewhat askew, dry.