Banging head against a brick wall

A new week, a new positive attitude. Another text about a being going overdrawn and so on. Walked down to the physical branch of my bank, and spoke to a helpful person who made calls and returned home clutching a piece of paper with the name of the person who was dealing with my case and a number. These turned out to be illusions when I got home. The name I had been given was the name of the manager, as the case had not been even allocated yet, and after I received an email saying the case will take another 20 working days. This takes me in to July. When I find the energy, I initiate a complaint to the banking ombudsman.  I have been banging my head against a brick wall. Meanwhile the 123-reg email fiasco wears on, however I have given up with it. I have emails perhaps from a few days that I will never see. I can't bear to deal with those people one second more. 

Stopped in at Mad Hatters and tried to buy a straw hat but was put off by what seemed to me an excessive price. The hottest day of the year today. Popped into Sainsbury's and tried to do a bit of work and  spent a bit of time recording the next episode of Planet Poetry together with Robin which was more fun. In the evening we all, with exception of Sam to whom football is a waste of time watched a boring nil-nil draw between Sweden and Spain before an early-ish night. 

Not my favourite day. I am, however, zooming up to London tomorrow to see Mum, which will be a bit better.