Hot under the collar

A feverish night, woke up with a soaked teeshirt and feeling weak and a bit rough. AN hour's work with Keith, then Lorraine and I drove off for a COVID test in Lewes town hall car park. People cheery there, and handing you plastic bags through the cracks in your windows and so on. Quite nice to go for a drive actually, despite the fact it was a bit stressful as I was working.

Naturally Lorraine could not go into school, so had to work from home.  Had to work like a dod and didn't finish till 8:30 pm. Lorraine having a meeting with Governors at the same time in another room. She spent the day working on the children's reports which was a bit of a win. 

I felt a good deal better by the evening, and had no temperature. I suspect this is just a random little bug, but as it is still possible to get the lurgy after two jabs we had to be sure.  Slumped by the TV for a bit before bed.

I took delivery today of a new pair of walking shoes. Calliope liked the box, which I used as a  cat tidy for the desk.