Farewell to Salisbury

Up early... Was going to talk to Val this morning but the wifi in the hotel wasn't working, so eventually we arranged to do it tomorrow. Breakfast service at the hotel dismally slow. We had booked to go in at 9.00 and I only got my breakfast at 9:40 long after Lorraine had her's. We packed up and loaded up the car, and then made off for a lovely walk in town. There was a Seasalt shop which is one of Lorraine's favourite shops at the moment. Then went for a saunter by the river, sitting on benches and watching the stream go by. Very relaxing and nice. Lots of fish in the water too, which I liked. Looking at fish always makes me happy. 

Eventually we had crossed a cricket pitch, walked along a road back to the hotel and collected the car. Mixed feelings about the hotel, lovely location and pleasant enough staff, but wretched communication about breakfasts etc. which left not just us feeling disgruntled. 

The drive home speedy and quite pleasant. We sucked Sherbet Lemons, as I had bought some in Salisbury. They were my Grandmother's favourite, and the shards of them shred your mouth. These didn't seem so splintery but they tasted okay.

Sam and Jade out being vaccinated when we arrived. Was planning a no booze day today, but just after I returned I was called by Rick around the corner, and he and Ben were just about to go to the Park View. So I simply met them there for a drink and a bit of a laugh. They had been clearing up at Evolution where we had all first met to do the glass class, where Ben is going to store all the stuff at his workshop. Turns out the freshly jabbed Sam and Jade were in the garden of the Park View so after I had chatted with my pals, I joined them as Lorraine had already done so. Sat outside, for a bit, and then Jade ordered some fish and chips as we had just missed Jenny's which closes at 8pm. 

Jade had decided to accept the job she has been offered in St Andrews, which is excellent. It is a really good place to be a philosopher. Good to be home this evening and to sleep in our own beds, in a room with windows.

Lorraine by a river, and the Old Mill at Harnham with the cathedral in the distance and boys playing in the current. Quite hard to get lost in Salisbury with the country's tallest spire poking up into the sky.