Struggling with piglets

Up early, with Lorraine working at home with the two Sarahs from her work. I had an early start but I am still struggling with a simple brief about piglet health. I can't seem to think clearly. I managed to send ideas off at the end of the day, but I wasn't particularly pleased with the job I did, which is not the best of feelings.  I had a long walk after work which helped me normalise a bit.

She had gone to her personal trainer after work, and we all four ate outside afterwards. Later, while Sam repaired upstairs, Lorraine played  My time at Portia this evening while simultaneously watching Ant Man with with me and Jade. Quite enjoyable stuff. I had seen it before but it makes more sense having seen the others, as guided by Jade, in their correct sequence. 

I managed to download photos onto my computer again, after some software update had blocked this. Caught up on this blog somewhat before bed.