England win shocker

Hard day's work with Keith. Brain dead and extremely tired by the end of the day. A quick saunter a couple of times in the day, but feeling underpowered.  

However before then, Lorraine, Jade and I watched England squeak a 2-0 win over Germany. The Germans our usual nemesis in such competitions, but this time two late goals from Stirling and Kane (at last) sorting it.  Jade squeaking with excitement. I enjoyed it but felt a bit brain dead. Anton texted me asking which team I was supporting, a reference to the German occupation of Guernsey in WW2.  

After the game a long chat with the Tobster, who had finished school today, and is taking next year as a sabbatical. Freedom. But perhaps not ideal conditions for it. Tobs pleased by the game too. 

To bed fairly early.