Weirdly nimble

Continuing in beep/whirr mode, sent out MS to two new agents. And worked on the Telltale anthology, which was another thing crossed of my list. Lots of good poems in it, including one I absolutely love by Robin. My list is becoming weirdly nimble, which is exactly what I wanted from January. I am in fierce working mode, which is rather good. The next thing is to get my body weirdly nimble, because I am still festively plump, and want to sit about in the dark nights eating bad things. Luckily we've eaten our way through most of the bad things now.

Also got a letter from accountants saying I should have paid tax on the last day of December (I had it in my head it was Jan for some reason, and Andrew, recovering from surgery hadn't reminded me). I simply paid it today, however.

Klaudia's birthday, she has just joined facebook and twitter. A new new rite of being 14, although Facebook is not deemed cool by the young un's these days.

A mizzly gloom all day, I went for a couple of walks and just sneaked my 10k. Buying beans and parsley for my projected bean jar tomorrow. Top of Blakers Park home to a murmuration of starlings as I walked past. All the trees tweeting.

But I went around to Anton's house to drop off a card, and Klaudia was ill in bed so I did not see her.  I said hello briefly to Oskar who was playing football on the screen, and Anton who was preparing for a teleconference before melting back into the mizzle.

Lorraine with a proper cold, me just a man cold, streaming at night and feeling a bit shaky.
Cylons this evening. I made Lorraine a vegetable mash and vegetarian sausages with fried onions, and she snuggled on the sofa looking at Cylons. It is good to be married to someone who loves  Cylons.