I know what I like in my wardrobe

Lorraine had a vile night's sleep last night, back into the school routine.  I was lucky enough to sleep in till seven, waking up to find the fairies had left me a cup f tea.  Got up and worked on poems, and then took copy comments then simply worked on the job till it was done.

When Sonia arrived, she said the living room looked much better now we had moved the futon upstairs. I told her that I was throwing things out, and she told me about a writer who had thrown everything out apart from a desk and his computer. He he lost lots of weight too, she said, looking at me meaningfully.

Off for a walk into town this afternoon, where I sold some books and gave others to charity. Enjoying the walk. Home and a bit more tidying and sorting. Spoke to Mum.

Then Lorraine home early, and we drove off to collect the wardrobe. We parked up outside and waited for half an hour for the nice man with the van, who had completely forgotten, but came nevertheless after finishing his dinner. Carried a wardrobe down four flights of stairs with the van man. It is a nice wardrobe, however, and at a good price so it was worth everything. Carried it upstairs at home and the paid the man with the van.

Soon after we got into a taxi, and went to meet Innis and Rosie at the Japanese restaurant at Seven Dials. We were early so repaired to The French Horn opposite, a pub with a drunken, shouty atmosphere, and cheeky pint of Doombar was badly kept.

A nice meal with our pals. Lorraine and I inflicted our Japanese tales on Innis and Rosie. Afterwards we went to the Cow, for a single drink, enjoying chatting to Innis. It was the bar where Lorraine and I hit it off ten and a half years ago, when it was called The Tin Drum. Rosie had to travel north for work the next day, so we went our separate ways.

Home and I fell fast asleep on the sofa watching the excellent Bojack Horseman. Lorraine woke me up and we went to bed.