A blackjack beano for Klaudia

Up fairly early for a Saturday. Brought L some breakfast in bed, and then we got up to go into town. Lorraine getting another massage, as there was too much to do last week for one masseuse. I went to Starbucks where I worked for an hour and a half on Sin Cycle, feeling really good about this now. Then I sauntered round to Foodilic where Lorraine and Beth were, and I had a coffee with them and chatted to Beth. Then a spot of shopping, or more accurately returning some curtains we had bought, and buying new CO2 cylinders for our Sodastream. Doing our bit to not infect the world with a million bits of plastic. I also bought a new reusable water bottle for the same reason. It was pouring with rain, so we went home. Luckily Lorraine had driven into town.

Home, and then we got a cab to Anton's for a rather good meal to celebrate Klaudia's 14th birthday. Anton and Anne had prepared a feast as usual, with pulled pork and wings and a woof-woof like sauce, and curly fries and corn on the cob. Klaudia interested by the lyrics to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and looking at the cover of Sergeant Pepper lots. She is almost fully recovered from the flu she had all week. Oskar full of breans too. Had fun with them, and we all played a slightly chaotic game of blackjack, with Anne opting out. A nice evening, and Lorraine and I floated down to the station cheerful and well fed to get a cab home.