Lazy Sunday afternoon

Up at a reasonable time, but Lorraine sounding a bit croaky-throated and wan. Rosie and Innis arrived in Rosie's new car (a mini) to take us to Dawn's house. Anton had walked there in the rain. It was raining most of the day quite nastily. Had a lovely time there, drinking wine and eating a vegetarian repast that Dawn had made. I always feel very happy and cozy in Dawn's wee house, and love how you have an uninterrupted view of the Downs through the back windows.

Not much nicer than a lazy Sunday afternoon bantering with good chums, then after fond farewells with Dawn, the rest of us crammed into the new Mini and we sped through the rain home, Lorraine and I being dropped off  outside our front door.

Lorraine found a flat book package from Amazon damp under the doormat, luckily the books in it were unharmed: a hard copy of The Third Policeman, as I had to have it in the flesh as well as an Audiobook. I want to re-read it. And Ocean Vuong's prize-winning collection of poems.

Lorraine did preparation for school next week. I had half an hour on the sofa, then called Mum and read more poems from the various books I have bought recently. Then we watched the Cylons again, obsessively like geek till it was time for bed, and  getting ready for Monday.