A bit of lit in Lewes

Felt  cheerful this morning still. Up and doing stuff of one kind or another. Even getting a cut and paste book rejection (from the large agent I sent the children's book to yesterday) didn't phase me. I think they were just bouncing that kind of book at the moment. Resilience.

Put a chicken in the oven, and waited till Lorraine had got home, (Dawn was staying the night) before boofing off to Lewes to the John Harvey Tavern to a Needlewriters event to hear three poets: Jeremy Page, Mark Urbanowicz and Robert Seatter. Enjoyed the readings. Robert's was from The Book of Snow, a beautifully produced book mostly about snow and paper. He read very well too, so I bought the book. Jeremy read a short story which was quite funny, and about life on campus. I noticed a woman in the audience who I thought looked just like Caroline Lucas who, when she left, turned out to have been Caroline Lucas.

Also enjoyed hanging out with my poet pals in general, and Robin, Sarah, Stephen (who gave me a copy of his new pamphlet Plainsong Robin had a single copy of her new pamphlet, All The Relevant Gods too, which will be launched next week), Charlotte, Clare Best, Catherine Smith, Jeremy Page and so on. They are a nice bunch. Stephen gave Robin, Sarah and I a lift back to the station, and Sarah and I made off to Brighton. A lovely night, and I fashioned a chicken sandwich for myself when I got home.