Googlies, cards and starlings

Bowled a bit of googley this morning. Lovely French client has had to pull the job I was working on. Somewhat disconcerted by this. The job I have starting next week is all good to go, so I will just treat the rest of the week as an opportunity to get my ducks in a row. Instead, however, I found myself tidying up the house and then going for a long walk late this afternoon which made me feel far better about everything.

Anton called around this afternoon too with a birthday gift for me, two packs of amazingly beautiful playing cards, called Requiem. He had just been to his rehabilitation exercises, and is looking very healthy indeed.

Lorraine home late tonight. I cooked and we chatted. To bed reasonably early. I am reading a book about stained glass that Lorraine bought me. I am reading it out to Lorraine at night, and it sends her to sleep in about 15 seconds. Amazing.

Below starlings on a mast in Hollingbury, which were looking rather beautiful, and the gorgeous playing cards.