At The Bottom's Rest

A happy day. Lorraine up with the larks and off to her hairdresser. I did a bit of this, and then a bit of that, and then jumped on a bus and went off into town to meet my lovely and splendidly coiffured wife. Today was a day of trouser buying. I bought several pairs. I seem to buy trousers in batches, and my trousers were all coming to an undignified end. Looked somewhat paunchy in the changing room mirrors.

After an orgy of trouser buying, off to Gars, where my Lorraine bought me lunch to celebrate my birthday. Good to sit down and chopstick down some Singapore noodles. I always enjoy Gars. Home not long after this, and a quiet snooze on the gold sofa before Dawn came, and we three surged out into a taxi.

This took us to The Bottom's Rest, which is a fine pub tucked away in Hove where Rosie had booked a section of the pub for us to celebrate our birthdays. Bottom being the midsummer night's dream character, and not just a place to rest your posterior. Rosie had ordered a buffet for us, which turned out to be excellent. A fine night with lots of lovely people. Rosie and Innis, naturally, and Betty with an eraser which was also a little Kim Jong-un, among other things, and Anton  bringing a selection of excellent cards from himself and the bairns, who are now in Australia. Richard and Maria-Grazia, Hus and his charming daughter May, Rosie's pals Graham and Sam, and a couple called Matt and Jen, and a man called Paul I didn't really speak to, but who was chatting with Dawn lots.

Really cheery evening, and I had been given some lovely presents, mainly books which of course is splendid.

Below Lorraine, Dawn and I were first to arrive. I snapped the ladies while we were waiting. Lorraine snapped me, in my patented actor/model pose, and Dawn snapped Lorraine and I.