A Belgian bun

Last day of freedom, trying to get various things sorted out.  This somewhat out of tune with Lorraine, whose last day of half term this was.

Spoke to Janet this morning and she told me that Ken was in hospital having broken his hip earlier this week. He is in the hospital at Haywards Heath, and so I went with her to see Ken in the afternoon. She picked me up at home, and brought me a aloe vera plant, and a birthday card. Poor Janet doing well under all the stress of it. And Ken is fairly comfortable. It is quite a nice hospital at Haywards Heath, but sad to see my old friend there, but nice to be with Janet. We had tea in the little hospital cafe, and Janet bought me a Belgian bun with a cherry on the top, and we had quite a cheery chat.

Late in the afternoon, Lorraine, now finished from school came to collect me from the hospital, and we drove off to Horsham where there was a local artists exhibition in the West Sussex council building. Lorraine's pal Carolyn was exhibiting her embroideries and flower art there. Lorraine seemed to know quite a few people in there. Met Mark Wilson, who had painted a small painting Lorraine had given me two years ago. He also writes plays. Enjoyed drifting about looking at the art for a bit, before Lorraine and I got too hungry and she drove us home.

I sprang out at Jenny's fish and chips and scored us two cod and chips. Lorraine had been developing on the way home a taste for a chip butty with a cup of tea to go with it. This the rock and roll way that headteachers reach the end of their half term.