Very pleased that Lorraine got her booster today, and seemed to suffer no effects afterwards. For me: boring and detailed stuff for the Germans. Nice folks though. My soul failing to soar. Chats with Anton today. 

Meanwhile in the "real" world Omicron is beginning to explode in the UK as Johnson launched Plan B amid the usual tangle of lies and mixed messages. He is the worst PM in my lifetime. Meanwhile stories and photos keep leaking out how while the rest of us were locked down there were boozy parties going on in No 10 -- not one but several. What a shower of hypocrites and liars. 

Meanwhile Richard is sending a stream of Anti-vaccine material to the beermonsters WhatsApp. Making it even more difficult to message him to say I wasn't going to the pub with him tomorrow to celebrate his birthday (Steve did the same) because of omicron. With Lorraine only vaccinated today, I didn't fancy an evening in a crowded pub incase I brought home more than the smell of Harvey's bitter on my breath. Felt a bit bad about this as I am fond of Richard.

Up the hill in this evening. Mist and dark and car lights make for film noir atmosphere even on an iPhone.