A patch of sun

Lorraine went to work today, not feeling well at all. There was an enormous traveller funeral in the church next door. Horrible tragedy of a young entrepreneurial guy killed in a freak accident by an exploding truck tyre. Lorraine has organised more time off work as she has a bad chest infection, and after work saw her doctor and collected antibiotics. She will have to postpone her booster too unfortunately, which was for this weekend. I met her outside her surgery is just across the park.  

As for me... Up early and doing final edits on the podcast, and then recording the intro with Robin. We had a laugh as usual. A bit of Santa banter on Tomorrow's episode. Had wanted a haircut today, as my barnet has tipped into its chaotic phase. Stacy was alone in the barbershop, and cannot do me till next week. I walked into town nevertheless.

Spoke to Anton has to go for more check-ups on Friday. 

Freelance a zone of confusion and uncertainty as usual. The job that was supposed to start tomorrow has not yet been confirmed. I am beginning to hope this is cancelled. The idea of working on my own stuff for a chunk seems wonderful, and there is a submission window for a publisher I am going to have a tilt at in December. 

Home, and I cooked and spoke to Keith and so on as there was no confirmation of the job we are supposed to be starting tomorrow. 

Not much time to gloat over my camera but took my first shot this morning from our Juliette balcony at 8:20. A patch of sun and shadow cast by the hill where we live, on the houses below. Still getting used to it, and the exposure is not quite right, but I am already loving it.