Learning from the master

Rosie and Innis round this afternoon. Innis drove me off to Stanmer House. I'm really lucky as I am getting advice from an real photographer. I'm learning about using the shutter speed, and how depending on the speed a fountain -- as our example -- would look completely different. I did a snap on a fast speed, and caught all the droplets frozen in time. A longer exposure gave me lines of water. I took a few photos, but somehow managed to lose them probably by pressing the wrong button, but managed to take a few afterwards. Nice that Innis is finding explaining it to me really reminding him of why he loves photography too.

Home in the min, where Rosie had been chatting to Lorraine, stretched out on the gold sofa. Rosie had come armed with bits of brownie, including a sort of hybrid mince pie brownie. Lorraine quite drained after chatting. She is still not anywhere near recovered. We watched Final Score and Match of the Day despite Chelsea losing a game, and surrendering the top spot. Gah.

Below the droplets of a fountain and the master at work.