Almost hibernating

Up fairly early, meeting with Keith that stretched on and off all morning, while we sent some emails, and discussed various strategies for work and did bits and pieces for a couple of hour. The job stopped in its tracks last night, but will be picked up next month. To be honest, I am quite happy not to be slogging on another brief. I am very low on energy at the moment, and I want to put what I have into poetry instead for the rest of the year. But making plans seems futile, because every time I make one something else happens.

Anton off to the stroke unit first thing, and they are pretty sure that he had a TIA the other week, although why is not he had it is not clear. Spoke to him on his way home -- and it is a lot to process.

Sam left Kenny Towers for Scotland this morning so Lorraine and I have the house to ourselves for a few days. SadlyLorraine still ill with her chest infection, and now with a very sore eye. She spoke to her doctor again this morning, and will be off next week too, which I am delighted about. Went to the chemist to pick up eye drops, and bought back some pies from across the road for lunch. Later went for another short walk, but am feeling easily tired.

Once Lorraine had migrated downstairs, we watched The Fellowship of the Ring again. I have the director's cut on DVD. Love the landscapes and world they created, but the (albeit necessary) mucking about with the plot annoys me. I bought fish and chips tonight, and Lorraine had a chip butty and soup. 

Tried to do some writing today, but the force not quite with me. However, it was Friday. No desire for beers or doing anything. Just want to hibernate.