Christmas Day

Christmas Day. Up fairly early and feeling relaxed, and no present opening to cram in  Making breakfast with Lorraine, scrambled egg avocado and smoked salmon. Anton walked round in the rain, to drop off some pressies which included a lovely volume of Tolkien paintings, which surprised me with their quality, and lots of spoiling foodstuffs.  As we were quaffing a cheeky bucks fizz with him Beth and James dropped around, before heading off to see James's mum Julie, who he calls The Goose. A brunch of cheeses pies and pickles and so on left over from the spread, and then we had a proper Christmas Dinner in the evening. Sam, Jade and Sian are currently pescatarian, so we cooked vegan haggis for them, and had a spot of roast pork for ourselves, not fancying turkey. 

Lorraine and I chatting with Mum and Mas. Mum and I chatted for a qood while, and I was sipping a wine, and it was almost like being together.

Sian, Jade, Lorraine and I watched a film called Happiest Day, a lesbian romcom set at Christmas. Sam chose not to. I greatly enjoyed it, although I thought the wrong people ended up together -- which Jade assured me was a debate on the internet so I felt vindicated. I like a good romcom. And so to bed having eaten all the foods.