Toby and a day trip to Elstree

Up with the slightly more hungover sparrows this morning. Bought some bread, and Lorraine and I had a cup of tea before I made off to London to see the newly-arrived Tobster, Mum and Mas. Onto the train, only about half the people wearing masks these days. While I was waiting for the Mill Hill train at Farringdon, Mum texted and said Mason was insisting on leaving for the Waggon and Horses immediately. 

Luckily the train I jumped onto stopped at Elstree, so I went there instead and walked from Elstree to the ancient Roman road Watling Street, headed north and soon discovered them in the Waggon and Horses with glasses of beer and cider and nibbling chips.

Good to see Toby with my own eyes. He looked fairly fresh considering, and his flight over a couple of days before had been fine. He had been wandering for miles through London yesterday and had met up with his pal Mike. We immediately made plans for him to come down to Brighton next week. 

Mum on good form, Mas taciturn, although he wandered off to talk to some other people later. Mum gave me a small library of her books about wildflowers, which is ace, including the famous Culpeper's English Physician and Complete Herbal so I after the apocalypse I can crawl out from the rubble and fix myself up with some weeds. Delighted by these, and the CD she gave me of her late friend Ronnie Findon's jazz music called Still Swinging! 

Mum, Toby and Mas off in the red car, and I walked back to Elstree and hopped on a Southbound train and was home at teatime.  

Lorraine, meanwhile, had gone to the long anticipated Mum Summit, meeting Jame's mum Julie, who it seems was lovely. I look forward to meeting her myself.